Saturday, April 16, 2011

Red Wine Sangria

I can't stop thinking about swimming and laying out by the pool. On Sundays during the summer Jesse and I spend the entire day in the backyard--it's perfect. And, what's a Sunday outdoors with out sangria?

This recipe is from Cooks Illustrated. I like it because it's easy and doesn't require a million ingredients. But, we always switch up the fruit we put in our sangria, depending what we have around the kitchen.

2 large juice oranges, washed; one orange sliced; remaining orange juiced

1 large lemon, washed and sliced
¼ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup Triple Sec

One 750 ml. bottle inexpensive, fruity, medium-bodied red wine, chilled

Get Cookin'
1. Add sliced orange and lemon and sugar to large pitcher; mash gently with wooden spoon until fruit releases some juice, but is not totally crushed, and sugar dissolves, about 1 minute. Stir in orange juice, Triple Sec, and wine; refrigerate for at least 2, and up to 8, hours.
2. Before serving, add 6 to 8 ice cubes and stir briskly to distribute settled fruit and pulp; serve immediately.

Servings: 4

Note: It's best to make sangria a day before enjoying it to let the flavors mix together. If that's not possible, give it two hours in the fridge.

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